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rNMR Installation

rNMR is an add-on package developed for R, a free statistical computing envirionment. Versions of rNMR are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix using the directories above. Automated installers are also available at the rNMR downloads page. The rNMR package requires a relatively recent version of R (2.10 or higher). R can be downloaded free of charge from

  1. Install R (2.10 or higher)
  2. Download the rNMR package source (.tar.gz file).
  3. Open R.
  4. Type the following in the R console:

install.packages(full path to package tar, lib='~', type='source', repos=NULL)

  1. You should see a message stating that rNMR was successfully unpacked.
  2. If you encounter difficulties, you may need to run R as an administrator.
  3. To load rNMR, type "library(rNMR)", you should see several message displayed including "Attaching package: rNMR".

Linux users: rNMR is supported the Linux distributions listed below.

rNMR may run on other distributions but we can not gaurantee its performance.

Mac users: rNMR requires the use of a two-button mouse (CTRL+'click' is not sufficient). On most systems, the single button mouse can be configured to operate with a second button, check your systm settings. Also, rNMR is only compatible with versions of Mac OS X that come with X11 preinstalled (version 10.5 and higher). rNMR may run on older versions if X11 is installed separately, but we can not gaurantee its performance.

Please refer to the rNMR manual for information on using rNMR.