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Change plot colors


GUI for changing the various color settings for open spectra.




co displays a GUI for changing plot colors. Changes are only applied to files selected from the files list. Double-clicking on a file name within the files list will switch the current spectrum to the file selected. The "Axes" button changes the color of the x and y axes, "BG" changes the background color, "Peak labels" changes the label color for picked peaks, "1D" changes the color for one-dimensional spectra, and the "+ Contour" and "- Contour" buttons change the color for positive and negative contours, respectively. In contrast to the other color options, changes made to ROI colors will be applied to all open spectra. The "High contrast" button sets all color options to black or white and the "Defaults" button restores all options to their default values.


Ian A. Lewis, Seth C. Schommer

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