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Overlay open spectra.


ol(askUsr = TRUE, offset = NULL, ...)



logical; used internally by rNMR, TRUE displays the overlay GUI.


numeric; the percentage of the total intensity range with which to displace each spectrum. This is used to create stacked 1D spectra and is not passed to 2D plots.


Additional arguments can be passed to internal plotting functions (see addArg).


ol displays an overlay GUI (this is the default behavior, if askUser is set to TRUE the GUI will not be displayed). To add spectra to the overlay list, select the desired spectra from the files list and press the Add button. Overlays can be removed by selecting from the "Select overlays" list and pressing the Remove button. Color changes are only applied to files selected from the overlays list. Double-clicking on a file name within either list will switch the current spectrum to the file selected. The 1D offset option adjusts the position of 1D overlays, and is used to create a stacked 1D plot. By default, the names of overlaid spectra are displayed in the main plot window. To turn this feature off, uncheck the display option at the bottom of the GUI.

When askUser is set to FALSE, this function calls one of the lower level plotting functions (drawNMR, plot1D, etc.) to plot spectra listed in overlayList on top of the current spectrum.


Ian A. Lewis ialewis@nmrfam.wisc.edu, Seth C. Schommer schommer@nmrfam.wisc.edu

See Also

fo for opening/closing/switching between spectra; ct for plot settings; vp for 1D vertical positioning; rNMR for other rNMR help topics.

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