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Perspective plot settings


Functions for viewing 3D perspective plots of 2D NMR data.


rotc(degrees = 10, ...)
rotcc(degrees = 10, ...)
rotu(degrees = 10, ...)
rotd(degrees = 10, ...)



numeric; the number of degrees to rotate the perspective plot by.


Additional arguments can be passed to internal peak picking functions (see addArg).


per displays a GUI for perspective plots. The rotate/zoom/scroll radio buttons located along the top are used to interact with the plot. Select the desired option then click on the appropriate arrow button to rotate, zoom, or scroll by the increment provided in the center box. The Center button centers the plot on the peak's center of mass (see zc). The Spin button calls the spin function detailed below.

Shortcut functions


Rotates the perspective plot a full 360 degrees gradually.

rotc, rotcc, rotu, and rotd

Rotate the perspective plot clockwise, counter-clockwise, up, or down respcectively by 10 degrees.


Ian A. Lewis, Seth C. Schommer

See Also

ct for plot settings; zm for zoom functions; persp for R's perspective plotting feature; rNMR for other rNMR help topics.

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