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Table editing GUI


A GUI for editing and sorting tables.


tableEdit(data, editable = rep(TRUE, ncol(data)),	title = 'rNMR', colVer = NULL, 
	errMsgs = rep(paste('Data type for new entry must',
	'match the data type for a given column.'), ncol(data)))



data.frame or character string/vector; the table to sort/edit or a vector of valid file names.


logical vector; indicates which columns may be edited, must be equal in length to the number of columns in data.


character string; the title for the GUI.


function list; functions, one for each column, used to verify the entries in each column. Functions should return TRUE or FALSE and should be capable of vector operations.


character vector; error messages to display if functions in colVer return FALSE, should be the same length as colVer. If NULL, no error messages are displayed.


tableEdit displays a GUI for editing and sorting tables. Tables must be valid data.frames with columns of equal length. The editable argument must be a logical vector indicating which columns in data may be edited. If any of the values in editable are TRUE, entries from the corresponding columns in data may be edited by clicking on a table entry in the GUI. To edit multiple entries, select the items in the table you wish to edit, type your changes in the text box at the bottom of the GUI, and press the Apply button. Rows in the table may be edited using the options provided at the bottom of the GUI.

Functions provided by the colVer argument will be used to verify the data in each column. colVer, if provided, must be a list of functions that return TRUE or FALSE. If a function returns TRUE, the new entry(s) will be accepted and the table will be modified. If FALSE, the table will not be modified and a general error message will be displayed. The errMsgs argument allows custom error messages to be displayed for each function. Both of these arguments are optional, but if provided, they must have length equal to the number of columns in the table. Before functions in colVer are applied, tableEdit attempts to coerce entries in each column to a type matching that of the input table (i.e. - if the entries in a given column were passed to tableEdit as type numeric, tableEdit will attempt to coerce new entries to numeric, returning NA for values that fail). A practical example of this functionality can be seen in the ROI table editor (see re).


If the OK is pressed, the table will be returned with any modifications as a data.frame with column names matching those of the input table. Note that the "significant figures" option within the GUI only affects how the data is displayed, the values returned after pressing the OK will remain unchanged. Pressing the Cancel button will close the GUI and return NULL. Pressing the Export button will save the data as a tab-delimited text file, exactly as it appears in the table.


Ian A. Lewis, Seth C. Schommer

See Also

fs for sorting files; re for editing and sorting ROIs; toolkit for other rNMR utility functions.

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