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Edit rNMR preferences


Change the default settings for rNMR.





numeric (optional); indicates which notebook pane in the GUI should be displayed.


ep displays a GUI for changing rNMR's default settings (see defaultSettings). See the rNMR manual, or press the "?" button, for more information on the specific options provided in the GUI. To apply any changes made to default settings, press the "Apply All" button. This will apply the settings for each tab in the GUI to all open spectra. Pressing the "OK" button will not apply any changes until the next time rNMR loads or a new spectrum is opened. The exception to this rule are global settings (see globalSettings). These are settings that are applied to all spectra and plot windows, such as ROI colors and auto generation settings. Modifications to these settings will be visible on the next plot refresh (or the next time the plot window is closed and reopened). The "Defaults" button restores the default settings for the currently displayed tab (settings will not be saved until the "OK" or "Apply All" button is pressed).


Ian A. Lewis ialewis@nmrfam.wisc.edu, Seth C. Schommer schommer@nmrfam.wisc.edu

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