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1D slices and projections


Functions for viewing 1D slices and projections of 2D data.


vs(proj.direct = NULL, ...)



integer; 1 returns direct slices, 2 returns indirect slices, NULL opens a selection window.


Additional arguments can be passed to internal 1D plotting functions (see addArg).


pj displays a GUI for viewing 1D slices and projections. This function may only be called when the current spectrum is two-dimensional. The 1D slice buttons call the vs function detailed below. 1D projections are one-dimensional representations of two-dimensional data and can be displayed by selecting the appropriate radio button within the GUI. The "Type" option determines how the projection is displayed and may be one of the following: pseudo1D, max, min, or absolute max. The pseudo1D function evaluates the absolute maximum at each increment and returns the value with its original sign. Note: 1D projections are generated from the current window. Peaks outside of the current chemical shift range will not be included in the projection.

Shortcut functions


Turn 1D projection display on and off.


Displays a 1D slice of the data along the desired dimension. The location of the slice is defined by clicking within the main plot window. Successive clicks will clear the previous slice and display a new one. To exit view slice mode, right-click in the main plot window.


Ian A. Lewis ialewis@nmrfam.wisc.edu, Seth C. Schommer schommer@nmrfam.wisc.edu

See Also

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